Why are the walls of the Oasis blue?

I have lived in the Lakeview Neighborhood most of my life and always close to the lake. When I was growing up, I lived in a highrise on a street called Lakeshore Drive. I love the water as it has always been around me and I even joined the US Navy just before my 18th birthday. In the Navy the official color is called Navy Blue. Blue has always been my favorite color as it calms me down and makes me feel good. I like blue so much that I even wear blue glasses.

Many years ago, I had a friend who had a room with blue walls and white trim and I never forgot how good that room made me feel. I wanted to duplicate that feeling of relaxation for my clients and everyone who walks into the Oasis. Blue is not only represented by water, which our bodies are mostly made of, but also the sky.

All colors of blue are not the same and neither are the types of paint. Erin and I spent hours in the paint store on Clark street by Belmont going over various shades of blue. We finalized it down to two shades of blue which were called Grandmas sweater 787 and Aquarius 788 both by Benjamin Moore. Aquarius was perfect name for our paint as it also represents the Age of Aquarius.

When you walk into the Oasis one of the first things you notice is how good you feel Our blue paint helps to provide that feeling and you will notice the difference.