We have availability, on demand, every day.

From 11 am to 11 pm.

Holy Fire® Karuna Reiki ®

Advanced method of de-stressing the body and performed in a quiet surrounding at Lakeview Healing Oasis.
60 minutes session is $125 
90 minutes session is $175. 

Color Therapy using our patented Gem Light Therapy®

Chakra based therapy with a patented system of color light therapy and various crystals.  60 minutes session is $180.

Combination Session

Imagine the best of both worlds and how well you'll feel!
90 minute session is $225.

Animal Reiki

Stress relief for your animal and you.
30 to 45 minute sessions is $130.

Couples Session

Relax with your partner or bestie.  Small break after an hour to drink water, go to the bathroom, or switch tables.  Feel the different energy by switching tables and gem lights.  Extra arm room when tables are placed together.
90 minute session $265

Billy working on a client
billy working

Reiki Classes I and II

Class size up to 3 people 12 hours over 2 days is $775. per person 

Private class for only 1 person 12 hours over 2 days is $900.

Advanced Reiki Class

Private class for only 1 person 15 hours over 3 days is $1,250

Cancellations, No Shows and Rescheduling

We take your scheduled appointment seriously. Billy the Reiki Master prepares before your session by sending reiki to you and setting his mindset to follow your specific needs and energy.
We ask that you arrive on time so that you can enjoy your full session. If you arrive early, please wait until your scheduled time. The advanced prep work is part of your appointment, and we don't want to short change you!
If for some valid reason you are running late (slow Uber for example), we understand. Things happen. Please respond directly on the reminder text you received from Square, the booking app.

If you need to cancel your  appointment : It must be at least 1 day in advance. If you do not show for your appointment you’ll be charged the full  amount.

We are a business providing valuable service to our clients, and that includes being available for on demand appointments. If a real last minute emergency happens, just text us and we will do the best we can to respond in a timely manner.
Reiki Classes:
We can not cancel these classes, but we can reschedule them. Because they are one on one classes, the Reiki Master designs them to the participants needs. He spends many hours preparing, and we block off 2-3 days of the month for the class. This means other can't book appointments during those days, resulting in loss of income for our business.
We are a small, independent business dedicated to bringing excellent reiki care to our clients. We don't share the studio with other service providers, the energy in the room is created for optimum effect for our clients. Thank you for supporting your local, neighborhood business!

Boutique Experience at Lakeview Healing Oasis

You'll receive fantastic care in our pristine location, with Billy the Reiki Master . Billy prefers to focus on one (or two) clients at a time. The reiki classes are more intense in their training. Your personal sessions are geared specifically to you and your challenges.

The crystals in the room are used to match your energy and help alleviate any of your energy challenges. The ice cold water helps to eliminate toxins when you leave. The tonic for the water, if you choose it, will relax you. The living plants bring safe energy to your well being too. Crystals, water, tonic, all natural, nontoxic cleaning products are add ons you won't find in other locations. We don't share our space with any other providers either. It's just Billy and you.

These are just a few of the things that makes Lakeview Healing Oasis the business dedicated to your well being and improved energy flow.


Treat someone to a session at Lakeview Healing Oasis with a gift card!

The perfect gift - delivered right to your inbox or emailed directly to the person receiving it. You don't need to choose the date or time - you pick the amount of the gift and then the recipient will make their own arrangements!

What would make this gift even better, is to know your recipients name and if you know which service they'd like. Are you not sure which type of session to give as a gift? No problem, you can choose a custom dollar amount and let the recipient choose when they use the gift card.


How do you choose what to have?

Use Reiki for relaxation, stress reduction, calm your emotions and feel better.

Use Color Therapy to clear and balance your chakras, remove stuck energy and feel lighter.

The Combo Session provides you with a mixture of the two.

pano of studio