We have availability from 11 am to 11 pm, on demand, every day.

Holy Fire® Karuna Reiki ®

Advanced method of de-stressing the body and performed in a quiet surrounding at Lakeview Healing Oasis.  One hour session is $125

Color Therapy using our patented Gem Light Therapy®

Chakra based therapy with a patented system of color light therapy and various crystals.  One hour session is $130.

Combination Session

Imagine the best of both worlds and how well you'll feel! 90 minute session is $170.

Animal Reiki

Stress relief for your animal and you. 30 to 45 minute sessions is $130.

Couples Session

Relax with your partner or bestie.  Small break after an hour to drink water, go to the bathroom, or switch tables.  Feel the different energy by switching tables and gem lights.  Extra arm room when tables are placed together. 2 hour session $265

Billy working on a client
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You may have noticed we've raised our prices a little. Because our credit card vendors more than doubled our fees, we had to raise prices.

You'll continue to receive fantastic care in our pristine location, with Billy the Reiki Master . Billy prefers to focus on one (or two) clients at a time. The reiki classes are more intense in their training. Your personal sessions are geared specifically to you and your challenges.

The crystals in the room are used to match your energy and help alleviate any of your energy challenges. The ice cold water helps to eliminate toxins when you leave. The tonic for the water, if you choose it, will relax you. The living plants bring safe energy to your well being too. Crystals, water, tonic, all natural, nontoxic cleaning products are add ons you won't find in other locations. We don't share our space with any other providers either. It's just Billy and you.

These are just a few of the things that makes Lakeview Healing Oasis the business dedicated to your well being and improved energy flow.


Treat someone to Reiki with a gift card!

The perfect gift - delivered right to your inbox. You don't need to choose the date or time - you pick the amount of the gift and then the recipient will make their own arrangements!

What would make this gift even better, is to know your recipients name and if you know which service they'd like. Are you not sure which type of session to give as a gift? No problem, you can choose a custom dollar amount and let the recipient choose when they use the gift card. Any amount left on their gift card can be applied to their next session.


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Why Lakeview Healing Oasis for your next appointment?

We value your safety and wellness, and we are able to serve you.

Our Oasis is one room, comfortable and large enough to follow strict CDC guidelines. We clean after each client(s) with a non-toxic, FDA approved cleaners.

Never has it been more important to maintain a high vibration of wellness, calm, peace of mind and have at your fingertips a way to quickly return to that positive state of mind.

It really is all about you.

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