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PandoraPandora Pappas

As a spiritual and psychic guide, Pandora helps unlock answers and open the doors to the future. And while other psychics and mediums lean toward providing advice or laying out solutions, Pandora emphasizes choices and possibilities.

Life is not simply destined or a structured path, it is a journey littered with questions, opportunities, and free will. Though, having someone provide you with a little guidance and clarity is certainly a wonderful way to ensure a fulfilled life. That is exactly what Pandora is here for. Pandora is a clairvoyant, psychic medium.

Pictured is Matilda, a favorite client of ours!

Deb Brown

Deb Brown has been our webmaster since we began. Deb also travels around the world working with small towns, teaching them practical steps to accomplish their big ideas. She's a friend, a collaborator, a peacemaker and fires us up and gets us thinking.

That's Shirley, who rescued Deb at the beginning of the pandemic. She's one of our favorite virtual clients!


Seth P.

Seth Leaf Pruzansky
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Seth Leaf Pruzansky is a pioneer in the field of water and cbd products. We met Seth online and have followed his career, drank his water and use his products. He's located in Maine and has a podcast recognized as one of the best. Check him out!