Color Therapy, using our patented technology,will clear and balance your chakras!

Using our patented Gem Light Therapy® system, helps your body come into balance and vibrational alignment. Most who have color therapy state that they feel like it brings joy and clarity, peace of mind, healing and charging the body and mind with enlightening energies.

Think of it like this, reducing stress and removing negative thoughts allows you to focus, have better sleep, more positive thoughts, calmness in the face of stressors, and much more energy.

Chakras in your body are identified by specific colors. Our system calibrates all the needs of chakra balancing to bring your body into balance.

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Our Patented Technology - Gem Light Therapy®​

Gem Light Therapy® is our amazing healing modality of PATENTED ARC VOGEL Crystal® technology and The PUREST colors of light.  An unforgettable experience that is like nothing else!

  • Relieves Stress, Tensions, and Anxieties
  • Deep Feeling of Peace and Calm
  • Increased Mental Clarity and Function
  • Increased Energy

Supercharge your Aura, Chakras, and body with the most pristine and bio-available colors of light.  A Rainbow of Spectro Chrome Colors for each of your 7 Chakras:

  • Violet
  • Indigo
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Yellow
  • Orange
  • Red

Only Lakeview Healing Oasis offers this next level color light therapy with patented ARC VOGEL Crystal® technology.

  • Diamonds,
  • Rubies,
  • Sapphires,
  • Emerald,
  • Amethyst
  • Topaz
  • 24K Gold and more!

Hundreds of gems, minerals, precious metals, meteorites, vitamins, Ormus, and other special ingredients are all in synergy with each other and easily absorbed by your energetic system. Feel the energy as it moves through the aura, chakras, and body.

Two major benefits of the patented Gem Light Therapy include:

  • Relaxing you to a degree and into states of being that has been previously unimaginable.
  • Energizing you in ALL of the ways that you need, in the most pristine and perfected ways possible or imaginable.

We are proud to be the first to offer this PATENTED technology in the Midwest & Chicago. Lakeview Healing Oasis is the Rolls Royce of Energy healing.

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Click the button to book right now. Gem Light Therapy is available on its own or in the combo session.

You can also call us at 773-231-0007 if you have questions.

Balance Your Chakras with Color Therapy

This color therapy helps to clear and balance your chakras. You can read more about it at this article: 

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Reiki and Gem Lights

Color Therapy using Gem Light Therapy®​

This treatment is more chakra based and helps to clear your chakras with a patented system of color light therapy and various crystals.  Each of your seven charkras is cleared, balanced and energized with colors of light and crystals associated for that particular chakra. This is a 21 ARC Vogel crystal system with 7 colors that are pulsed into your chakras in 16 different patterns providing an infinite combination of gems.  Most people feel their chakras spin and can feel energy moving through out the body.  The effects are very powerful.

Our patented Gem Light Therapy®​just got better. Now experience an even more powerful treatment with the new series of Gem Lights!

We are the only location in the Chicagoland area that offers this treatment. Make your appointment today to rebalance your chakras, relax your mind and re-energize your body.

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