Many Choices for Healing

I have been seeing Billy for the last year and there is a reason I keep coming back. Billy is one of the most kind authentic souls I have met in the city and has truly found his calling as a healer. I have received many Reiki And gem light sessions from him as well as some channeling and angelic work, chakra cleansing, in addition to re-attuning my own Reiki I and II attunements. Hes one of the few Karuna master in the area and has a bunch of additional offerings including various oils, tuning forks etc to customize your experience. His gem light system is a top of the line Arc-Vogel one as well which are also hard to find. Topping off with a clean and comfortable space what's not to love?

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Just writing to say thank you so much for your time and gifts. I felt lighter even when I was in the studio and feel significantly lighter today than I have in many weeks. My deep gratitude, M

Bad Energy Gone

Billy is incredible - I left my first reiki session feeling so light in my body, and words can’t describe it but I FELT any bad or blockage energy leaving my body. He is truly a miracle worker, I will absolutely be coming back. Thank you, Billy!  Alexa Loebel


As an entrepreneur, and CEO of 2 family owned companies I often find it hard to relax and recenter. That was until I found Lakeview Healing Oasis their Combo Reiki and Gem light treatments provide me with the most relaxing 90 minutes of my life! The best part that I continue to feel the healing effects for weeks after My treatment. I am more focused, more relaxed, more patient and overall more centered. Thank you Billy and Erin for the amazing work you do! Julie Mizzi


I originally went to the Oasis (well named) because I was having severe headaches, neck and shoulder pain. I have never suffered headaches before and was clueless. After one session, my headaches and pain disappeared and months later have not returned. Since that first session, I have a standing appointment once a week. Not only have I experienced improved overall health, but also my mental clarity has improved. I sleep better, eat better feel more connected to the energy field. During my sessions I have had a number of emotional break-throughs beyond my wildest imaginings. I started out by saying The name Oasis is perfect description. While lying under the lamps and during the Reiki sessions, I feel transformed and on a higher vibration, removed from the clamor of life's daily interruptions. The sessions have become an integral part of my life. A way of grounding myself after the rigors of the week.  

J. Ward

Stress Relief

Amazing! My stress levels have decreased from one session. Billy has one of God's special gifts of healing. I could feel extreme warmth in his hands and his pulse throbbing through his fingertips. He is kind and has a gentle spirit. I highly recommend Lakeview Healing Oasis.  Gina

Reiki Training

I recently trained with Billy and received my 1st and 2nd Placements for Reiki and was very impressed with how professional and welcoming this business is! We followed all social distancing guidelines and continue to meet for Reiki sessions. Recommend to everyone who is interested in receiving Reiki or being trained in this wonderful skill! Ry Clark

Reiki Classes

Reiki found me in 2015. I was 20 years old and confused with life. I had no idea who I was or what I wanted. I got a small healing session from my Mother-in-law. I had no idea what she was doing, and couldn’t get myself to relax, but afterward, I knew I felt different. I felt lighter and more concentrated on myself. She explained my sacral charka was blocked. I had no idea what she meant by that. And so afterward, I started to look more into chakras, my birth chart, and myself on an internal level. I started to process a lot of things I had stuffed in a box. I started to come toward the light instead of the darkness. In 2017 I overdosed on heroin and almost lost my firstborn to DCFS.

During my intensive treatment, I made myself, my focus. My goal was to understand myself from the inside and out. It took a lot of self-awareness to understand the core I was looking at. Over five years I received 3 Reiki sessions. My third one was in December of 2021 by Billy here at the Lakeview Healing Oasis. I booked the session for my friend and me so we went with the couple’s package that applied the PATENTED Gem Light Therapy ®. This took the session to a different level. The powerful lights synced with the reiki energy creating sensations that carried me through the rising of myself. I began to feel the warmth creep up my spine leaving me with a tingling feeling throughout my body. It was like I was being supercharged. The energy I felt flowing gave me the power to take my life into my hands and start living it the way I wanted to.

By March 2022, I found myself at Lakeview Healing Oasis, taking Billy’s Reiki class to get my 1st and 2nd placement of Reiki. Since then, my life has changed in ways I cannot explain. My understanding of life itself has changed. Things are much clearer than they were before. Reiki has given me an understanding of what life is for me and what it is I want to do. Everything has slowly come together piece by piece, giving me the ability to be successful with what I want to do. When I received the gift of Reiki I was lost, and confused, I did not know what my future looked like. And now, I’ve started my own business making bracelets. I’ve also helped heal my wounds for me to help heal others. It’s amazing! I will be back to get my Master Training class ASAP! Nichole Bidochka


I had a mild interest in Reiki and after experiencing the benefits at the Healing Oasis I highly recommend it. Not only is Billy, the Reiki master, thoughtful and thorough he also is helpful and generous. I experience a wide variety of peace, relaxation and emotional breakthroughs from the Reiki treatments as well as the power of lying beneath the lamps. I have a new respect for energy because of my weekly sessions and they have enhanced my meditation practice . I am grateful and look forward to my healing, invigorating sessions with Billy.

Cyndy M. Harris Lewis