Is a class right for you?

Billy the reiki master teaches Reiki I and Reiki II, plus a master class. You've seen classes loaded with lots of people, 10 or more, and they seem so impersonal.

Billy teaches to a small group, no more than three. Also, he has one on one classes. That's a rarity in this industry. He believes in sharing his wisdom, experience and skills as the priority. Not to load up the room with lots of people so you can make more money!


 The Gem Light Modality does more than just make you feel better. Some of the many attributes and benefits include: 

  • Increased Energy
  • Increased Mental Clarity and Function
  • Increased Cellular Vibrational Rate
  • REDUCE or Completely Alleviate Pain
  • Alleviate ALL Bio-Energetic Disorders
  • Relieve Stress, Tensions, and Anxieties
  • Improve the Energetic Flows in the Mind and Body
  • Deep Feeling of Peace and Calm
  • THETA States achieved quickly, Brainwaves are harmonized, Hemispheres are Synchronized
  • This therapy opens and clears the chakras. These chakras/glands are your emotional centers. Emotions and moods are cohered, brought to higher states of being.
  • Facilitate Deep Meditative States, even in those who have trouble meditating at all.  ALL Proven with Bio-Feedback
  • Increased Mental Function
  • Lucid visualizations accompany use and seem to be a long lasting effect of deeper meditative states and improve bio-energetic function
  • Greater Visual Clarity.
  • Energetic sensations on, in, and over the body while using it. New energetic flows experienced in warmth, tingling, itching, and even twitching
  • Perceiving and feeling one’s own Chakras. Individuals who have never felt their Chakras before often feel them spinning while using the lights, many people report feeling their direction and mentally seeing their colors
  • Kundalini Experiences and 3rd Eye (Pineal Gland) Activation

Other responses can include:

  • Increased “psychic” abilities and awareness
  • Increased Awareness of oneself, environment, and the “grander scheme”
  • Increased Awareness. A greater clarity of mind is maybe the ‘crowning’ effect achieved in most every trial.
  • Feeling of being bathed in energy, of feeling energetics from head to toe
  • A motivated and more positive direction and nature to thoughts.
  • Improved sleep. Calmed dreams, more lucid/visual communicative dreams, “different” dreams than “normal”.
  • A feeling of lightness or airy-ness, most likely from higher vibrational state.
  • A clean feeling, vibrationally cleansed and energetically heightened. Cleaner internally, a feeling of being “bathed on the inside.”
  • Most report a desire to “clean up their diet,” or make other positive lifestyle changes.
  • Heightened sensory perception; tastes, vision, hearing, and other sense functions seem to be sharper and of higher functioning
  • Children absolutely love it, and are sensitive to the dynamic energies present. This leaves them calm, relaxed, clear, focused, and peaceful
  • Animals love it and also have healing experiences.
  • All of the body is water energy moving in patterns. We call these patterns life. These patterns have inherent coherency and instabilities. Gem Light Therapies work to continually increase the stability/coherence of the water structure of all Life forces and processes. By this, the consciousness and the physical body are improved graphically, continually, naturally, sustainable, and only in ways that Truly Water Resonant GEM Light Harmonics can

People go into compassion fatigue, much like adrenal fatigue. We can address these issues.

Reiki is the most used self care in the country and compassionate people most benefit from it, according to Stephen Vanderber of Reiki Currents.

Gem Light Therapy® helps to supercharge your healing ability, is very relaxing and grounds you. It helps to purify toxic energy that you hold from your work.

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