Looking for that perfect gift, something different yet cool?

Give the gift of reiki. You can choose the type of session, or you can give a custom amount. The recipient will receive their gift certificate in their inbox! If you wish, it can be delivered to your inbox and you can print it out and give to them.

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Choose the gift of Reiki.

Holy Fire® Karuna Reiki ®
Advanced method of de-stressing the body and performed in a quiet surrounding at Lakeview Healing Oasis.  One hour session is $125

Color Therapy using our patented Gem Light Therapy®
Chakra based therapy with a patented system of color light therapy and various crystals.  One hour session is $130.

Combination Session
Imagine the best of both worlds and how well you'll feel! 90 minute session is $170.

Animal Reiki
Stress relief for your animal and you. 30 to 45 minute sessions is $130.

Couples Session
Relax with your partner or bestie.  Small break after an hour to drink water, go to the bathroom, or switch tables.  Feel the different energy by switching tables and gem lights.  Extra arm room when tables are placed together. 2 hour session $265

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