Pets are Family

Our pets are part of our family. Just like you, they feel and respond to the energy that surrounds all of us and are affected by it. Pets are very responsive to the highs and lows their family members are going through. You often don't realize how your pets are responding to your energy. Your pets naturally adjust to what is happening around them.

Except when they don't.

Stress affects them just like it does humans.

In fact, the number one primary benefit to animals is stress relief. Things like

  • being a newly adopted pet,
  • moving into a home with other pets.
  • There might be a new baby in the house,
  • parents are preparing for a move,
  • home alone (parents going back to work)
  • not feeling well.

Another benefit is you will be able to use the energy too!

Why do this virtually and not in person?

Bringing your pet into the Oasis is bringing your pet into a new space they don't know. This creates more stress! Having the Reiki Master come to your space is inviting a stranger into your home. At least that's how the pet sees it. We've found that virtual reiki is the best.

The Reiki Master will zoom into your home and create a relaxing environment in your location, for you and your animal. The animal feels the energy and is invited into that space. This is a space of deep relaxation and will help your pet acclimate to what is going on around them.