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You deserve to be pampered with a session at Lakeview Healing Oasis.

Our Oasis is designed with you in mind. Tables designed to be comfortable for any size person.  You'll enjoy the relaxing energy using reiki, crystals, and gem lights. Safe and non toxic cleaning products are used with no perfumes. Energized water is provided and when you leave you'll receive a gift of crystals.

We're different than most other healing energy businesses. Our dedication to improving your energy and well being always comes first. We don't share our location with any other providers. You will find that the space itself is charged with healing energy. We can keep it that way because of our commitment to you. Use of powerful crystals, proper lighting, essential oil adjustments, comfortable beds, ice cold water, a tonic if you want and a gift when you leave are addons you won't find anywhere else.

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Come for your appointment with the assurance that Lakeview Healing Oasis is designed with you in mind.

Reiki is an ancient healing art practiced in many cultures around the world. It's sometimes considered magical. We know there is science, technology and patents involved in our work. We've written articles addressing these topics. You will learn more about crystals, improving your energy, preparing for your reiki visit, animals and reiki, and more.

Billy the Reiki Master is qualified, educated and always learning more about the practice of reiki. Visit our Articles page!

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Our Location and how to find us

We are located in Chicago’s East Lakeview Neighborhood. Our address is 722 W. Diversey Pkwy, corner of Diversey Pkwy. & Burling St.

See pictures of our neighborhood and get directions by different modes of transportation by clicking here. 

We take your wellness seriously.

You'll find our studio safe, clean and ready for you and our Reiki Master has been vaccinated.

 You can book online and we are available 11 am to 11 pm. Just go to the appointment page.

Our studio is maintained with non toxic products that keep your health at the forefront of their effectiveness. We do not use unsafe products like bleach. Even OSHA standards don't include bleach! If you'd like to know more, simply ask. After each client the room is cleared, disinfected and cleaned. We really take your wellness seriously.