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Billy reiki masterWe know that your problems didn't pop up overnight, and we want you to find peace, rejuvenation and relaxation sole to soul.

Give us  a try. Take a look at the services we offer. Let's put together a healing experience that works for you.

Looking forward to working with you,

Billy the Reiki master

A note from a new client:
I've read up about their services and decided to go for it. The 1st time I couldn't believe how refreshing I came out and energy was released. I was skeptical at 1st. But now I'm a believer, Billy and the crystals help me release my tension and negative energy, and their late hours help me with my work schedule. Can't wait to get back again. Thank You... John

Our Latest Addition to Services: Animal Reiki

Now you and your pet can receive animal reiki from Lakeview Healing Oasis. It's a set of virtual experiences done from the comfort of you and your pet's favorite location. (That's usually at home.)



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Our Location

We are located in Chicago’s East Lakeview Neighborhood. Our address is 722 W. Diversey Pkwy, corner of Diversey Pkwy. & Burling St.

We are 3-5 miles from all major downtown hotels.

Our goal is to promote the flow of vital life force energy within you so that you feel and function at your best.

We provide a calm and peaceful environment for your ultimate experience.  Our services are complimentary to many modalities such as yoga, meditation, exercise, massage, acupuncture and many more.

TRAIN: The Brown Line Diversey stop is just 3 blocks west of Lakeview Healing Oasis

BUSES: We are within blocks of the #8 Halsted bus. #22 & #36 Clark and Broadway Buses. #151 Michigan Ave. buses.

DIVVY: There is a station directly across from the Oasis on Burling.

PARKING: We have lots of street parking available.

NEARBY: If you come early or with a friend we have lots of pubs, restaurants, Starbucks & Dunkin Donuts , and lots of shopping choices.

Lakeview Healing Oasis

"I'm feeling much better and had the best sleep of my life yesterday. Thanks for the great treatment, still feeling refreshed!" Another satisfied customer.

Lack of sleep is one of the causes of illness. But what causes lack of sleep? Stress is one of the leading causes. Reiki and color therapy directly address stress and help to give you better sleep. And better sleep gives you better quality of life. Don't wait - make your appointment today. You deserve a better life!

We are your go-to source for unique and

very individualized gift certificates!

Visit the tab above or feel free to call our amazing office wizard, Erin.

She can be reached at 773-231-0007. We'd be happy to mail them out for you with a personal note as well.

We take your wellness seriously.

You'll find our studio safe, clean and ready for you and our Reiki Master has been vaccinated.

 You can book online and we are available 11 am to 11 pm. Just go to the appointment page.

Our studio is maintained with non toxic products that keep your health at the forefront of their effectiveness. We do not use unsafe products like bleach. Even OSHA standards don't include bleach! If you'd like to know more, simply ask. After each client the room is cleared, disinfected and cleaned. We really take your wellness seriously. 

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