Can Reiki Help My Creativity?

My head hurts from thinking too much and I don’t feel that creative: How can Reiki help me?

Imagine that you are in a room and trying to study or at the office and working on a deadline. Your trying to think but the room is crowded, and everyone is talking and fighting for your attention. Your trying to get some information from your computer but its moving way too slow and the computer screen keeps freezing. Yikes!! You call an expert from another department but the person never arrives. They heard you yelling for help but they are stuck on a higher floor and trying to walk down an obstructed stairway. Sounds familiar?

Sometimes our minds can become crowded with stuck energy and lingering thoughts which makes it difficult to think. Other times you don’t seem to be that creative and the ideas just aren’t flowing. When there is a buildup of energy in your head in can make thinking very difficult. Reiki can break up that stuck energy and get it moving out the door. Having Reiki specifically done on your head can provide a calming and balancing effect that makes you relaxed and clear thinking. Clearing the stuck energy above your head can be like clearing a blocked stairway and allow creative ideas to flow to you unobstructed.

Using the power of sound, the Reiki energy can be combined with the practitioner’s voice to rapidly clear the head, upper chakras and energy body for clear thinking and enhanced creativity. By using the voice, a Reiki Master can initiate a powerful healing session with Holy Fire III Karuna Reiki Chanting. Imagine a powerful stream of energy that comes from above your head moving down into your energy field and into your head. This energy streams down like a waterfall clearing stuck energy in your head, all your chakras, down your legs and out your feet. An energetic flush from head to toe.

p.s. we also perform Reiki on animals!