Do Reiki Masters come from a Yoga Background?

This is an outstanding question since so many Reiki Masters are currently doing Yoga. The short answer is no as Reiki Masters come from a wide variety of backgrounds and are not limited to just Yoga.

Some Reiki Masters come from corporate America, and others are doctors, nurses, and musicians. There is no basic background. Some Reiki Masters combine Reiki with other things such as tuning fork, crystals, massage, and yes even Yoga. Each Reiki Master will have his or her own perspective on Reiki and this is what makes us all unique.

Many years ago, I was certified as a personal trainer and was into bodybuilding and strength training.  My specific area of expertise was called High Intensity Training or H.I.T. for short. I studied my butt of  with many books over the years from people such as Arthur Jones, Ellington Darden, Mike Mentzer, and Brian D Johnston just to name a few. This is what make me unique as a Reiki Master.  I do my best to have the most intense Reiki session imaginable by combining my Holy Fire Karuna Reiki and Patented Gem Lights and crystals.

The important thing is for you to choose a Reiki Master that resonates with you. When I wanted to learn more about Reiki, I did my research. I found a person close me and the first thing I notice was her picture. I just felt good when I look at it and felt even better when I read her bio and looked at her page.  Sometimes it’s just that simple and you just have to go with your heart and trust your feelings.