What makes us different from other Reiki healers?

How do we prepare for your Reiki session?

First, we prepare the room

We clean and organize the Oasis after every session so that its always ready to go for on demand appointments.  Always ready.

Our tables get wiped down and sanitized after every session.

Table placement is also important so that you have enough room when entering the room.  Our tables are evenly space with the cabinet on the wall at the feet and also on each side of the wooden Nubian Pyramid on the head area.  Sometimes the tables are placed together for more room and comfort and also for our couple sessions.

As long as it’s not winter, the Oasis is set on the cold side a few hours before sessions.

The air conditioner is on med to high at 67.  Sometimes before a session, Billy’s Reiki kicks in and he get a little hot.  Its as if the Reiki energy knows who is coming and what they need. We also have the fan on high to circulate the diffuser essential oils.

The blinds are open when you walk in.

After that we close them so we have some privacy.  The people outside can only see in at night when the lights are on.  The Diversey side windows and blinds are open when we don’t have a client so that the sun comes in for the plants.

Essential Oils / diffuser

The diffuser is turned on a few hours before a client arrives so that the energy and calming of our signature scent fills the entire space.


We have a few plants that get put onto the glass table for extra sunlight. About an hour before the first client arrives, plants are placed in their spot.  We take great car of our plants and they absorb the healing and crystal energy of the space.  Our plants improve the quality of air of the Oasis and also help with the healing session.  We love our plants and they love us back.

Energy of the space

Lights and crystals.

We have many powerful crystals inside the Oasis that help to keep the vibration of the space pristine and ready for our clients.  This energy is absorbed into the floors, ceiling, walls, treatment tables, and plants.  The foundation of this energy is with our two patented Color Therapy systems that contain hundreds of quartz crystals, gemstones, minerals, rare earth elements, whole foods-based vitamins, and more.  These lights can be turned on when clients are not around to really boost the energetics of the space.

Our two systems fluctuate many different crystal and healing frequencies that can be adjusted to provide not only healing but a specific feel to the space.  With these patented systems Billy can raise the vibrations of the space significantly without using any stinky sage, palo santo, or incense.  We don’t use those here and they are not necessary inside the Oasis.  The lights can be adjusted to provide low, med, or high energetics inside the space.  If there is any bad, negative, or low vibration energy inside the space it will not survive unless it leaves the space or is transformed into better energy.

Just the presence of these Patented crystals causes all the crystals inside the space to be harmonized and come into resonance with its energetics.  We like to put the gem lights on over the treatment table about an hour or two before the session.  We do this to remove any low vibe or dense energy that may remain on or around the treatment table.   This will be done even if the person is doing a Reiki only session.  When the lights are turned on and the frequencies inside the Oasis are fluctuating in 32 different patterns, Billy is upstairs sending distant Reiki to the space.  This is the most powerful way that he knows to clear the space and boost the healing energies.  Many times, healers will use stinky incense to remove bad energy but not here!

The healing space is very important to healing clients.  Since Billy is the only one that uses the space, he can control the energy and feel of the space better.  The vibrations of the space are so pristine that Its like an energetic barrier surrounding the space from lower vibrations coming from the outside.  Think of it like a fluctuating force field.

Reiki symbols on the walls and bed

Reiki symbols are a way for a Reiki Master to use specific Reiki energies. These energies are place on the treatment table, above, around as well as on the walls, floors and ceiling of the Oasis.  This provides a concentrated dose of Reiki and increases the healing powers of the session.  Specific Reiki energies are also placed at the point of a client’s 8th and 9th chakras when they are laying down.

Healing tools organized on the table

Billy likes to have the healing tools that he will be using during the session to be organized on the table next to the client. He believes it’s a good idea for his clients to see the tools that he may use in a professional, and neat order.  When the session is over, he usually moves a few crystals that were used to another table so that he can show them to the client when the session is over.

These are not normal everyday crystals.  These are in most cases, natural, hand-cut, highly evolved, living crystals.  They assist with the healing session and increase the potency of healing.  Most clients will feel the crystals and some clients may resonate with a particular crystal more.  “I like to show off my special crystals as I have not seen many healers use them.  There is no crowd on the leading edge,” says Billy the Reiki Master.


You never know when a client may show up early.  We like to make sure that my speakers are charged, hooked up to the correct wifi, and ready to play music before the client arrives.

Intake form / pen

An intake form is ready to go on a blue clip board with a blue pen.  We specifically chose the color blue for both of these.  A blue pen with blue ink matches the space and feel that I wanted.  The same thing goes for my blue clipboard.  Don’t you just hate an ugly brown clipboard?

Cold drinks in the freezer

About 2 hours before the first client comes, we put two small bottles of water in the freezer.  We like cold water and many other people do too.  We take the water out 30-45 minutes before the client is supposed to arrive.  The water always defrosts in time and I make sure to wipe the bottles down with a cloth a few times so that its cold but dry.  There is always 2 small bottles ready for each client.  One bottle if they want to drink before or during the session.  The other bottle is an option to take with them.  We want you to be hydrated to flush out any bad energies and toxins that were released during our session.


There is a complimentary station that includes beverages for our clients.  These are optional but include a lemon-flavored electrolyte drink mix, and a few signature elixirs that can be added to your drink for relaxation and mood enhancement. These are CBD, Delta 8 THC, CBN for sleep, and a magnesium drink mix to help you relax and go to sleep for late night sessions.


We don’t have a lot of trash inside the Oasis.  For starters, we don’t eat downstairs.  The only time we have some food is for our Reiki classes.  We don’t believe in having trash in the garbage and empty it as soon as its filled.  It’s not conducive to good energy.

Cough Drops

We do provide lemon flavored cough drops.  Sometimes clients cough due to a dry throat.  We got you covered with some signature cough drops that are imported from Idaho.

Preparing the Reiki Master's energy

I give myself Reiki every day so that I am Reiki charged for my clients.  I usually combine a few different types of Reiki during my session and so give myself different types of Reiki.  I use Holy Fire World Peace Reiki and Karuna Reiki.  ICRT Animal Reiki (also works on humans) and some Reiki that is directed with my mind,” says Billy.

He places specific Reiki energies in his hands, feet, chakras, and aura so he is Reiki charged for the clients.  Billy also say prayers and specific invocations to increase the quality and quantity of his personal Reiki energy as well as the space.

Reiki clothes and shoes (pockets)

Billy has specific clothes and shoes that he only does Reiki in. These clothes and shoes almost never go outside.  They are energetically clean.  They are washed and cleaned with natural products that are safe for people, the animals, and the planet.

Avoid talking

The Reiki Master won’t pick up the phone and talk to friends or family just before the client arrives.  He needs to keep his energy up and owes to the clients to avoid bad or unpredictable energy.

Prepare the client

Some of our repeat customers will receive Reiki virtually from Billy just before they arrive.  This prepares them for a powerful healing session.  One of the main things he will do is place energy in each chakra, feet, and hands.  He can always do this when they arrive but doing it this way allows him to get right to business.

Connecting Mr. Bear to the client

This is a great way to send distant Reiki to a client.  Its also a great way for Billy to reach sensitive areas on a client.  One technique that he has used involves blowing powerful Reiki energies into specific areas on the clients.  Because of Covid, we longer use that technique directly on the client. The teddy bear is a great alternative. Using Mr. Bear, Billy can blow on the top of the head, on the third eye to calm you down, or any other chakra or body part during a session. This often adds an accelerating rush to the body as energy enters.

We want our clients to receive the utmost care and consideration. Cleanliness, kindness and sustainability are a must at Lakeview Healing Oasis.