Healing energy crystals are food

Healing with crystals is not something new and in fact you have probably seen many people wear a wide variety of quartz crystals. Crystals have been used by many people over the centuries for their beauty and healing gifts.

Some the healing gifts that crystals can provide:

  • enhance your health and fitness and well being
  • Chakra healing
  • Increase positive thinking
  • Grounding
  • And boost the quality of an energy healing session such as Reiki
Here is a simple explanation of crystals.

Crystals can be considered as food/drink for your body. The difference is that this food is absorbed directly into your energy field and body without the mass or normal digestive process. Crystals are food with one ingredient or a combination of a few ingredients. Some examples of food with one or a few ingredients are:

Water, Salt, Sugar, iodine, corn, fruits, and vegetables.

In some cases, your body can sustain itself with just one or a small handful of ingredients, however for the best nutrition and health and fitness you need a wide variety of healthy foods. In most cases this means that you need a recipe that includes many different kinds of foods, that are properly prepared. This is easy, it’s basically what happens when you eat normal food that you can make at home or get in a restaurant. Modern technology has made the process of making and ingesting healthy foods very easy.

So now we know that crystals are food, what’s the big deal? 

The big deal is that you change, and your environment changes all the time.

Wearing one crystal is like eating one ingredient. It is for this reason that some people get hooked on crystals because they are always off balance and looking for the next crystal to do the job. This can be an endless cycle with frustrating results and some people resort to wearing multiple crystals at a time. However not all crystals go together and, in some cases, can be counterproductive. Its like putting hot sauce on everything or using too much salt or other ingredients. How would you like to have vinegar with all your food?

Other issues with crystals as food is that they spoil and can actually harm you. Crystals can absorb, store, and transmit all energies from you and the environment, both good and bad. There are a few exceptions, such as the citrine crystals, but in general all crystals can absorb any energy and give it back. This is why people energetically clean crystals so that it remains an energetically clean and nutritious energy food for you. Another issue is that crystals get depleted of energy when they are used and have to be recharged. Think of this as fast food that looks good but has little to no nutrition and may actually be unhealthy for you

I call it the Superman Pendant

crystalI wear my crystal pendant when giving a Reiki energy healing session and in my personal life. Its nickname is the Superman Pendant because of its amazing blue color and unusual gifts.

My Superman energy pendant uses sacred geometry and many ingredients in the form of a secret recipe. It’s an ancient technology that has been enhanced with a modern invention available nowhere else. This energy pendant has a US Utility patent for its healing technology.

I have around 30 different things inside my crystal pendant that include other crystals, and other special ingredients. Just like a recipe is not only about quality ingredients but how they are put together and made. You could consider this a secret recipe. How secret?  Secret enough for me not to get into all the details as its propriety information. But it doesn’t matter as I’ll just tell you the good and important stuff.

My pendant is a Siberian Blue quartz and it carries the healing properties of the Blue Ray. It’s a high vibration crystal for healing that also helps blocks out harmful energetic pollution from cell phones and other modern appliances.

This crystal is like a computer chip for your body and aura, and chakras. This crystal combines all the things inside into one frequency of energy that is a new frequency. The energy is very compact in sacred geometry and expands to go inside the body or outside the body and strengthen the energy around you.

There are two side to this crystal, male and female. The female side facing out is what you always see in my pictures. When my pendant is worn in this way it is absorbing the energy from the outside and bringing it inside the crystals where it is filtered /enhanced and enters my body. When the male side is facing outward its filtering my own energy and pushing it out in to my energy field and strengthen my aura. I wear my crystal to improve the quality and quantity of my energy when giving a Reiki session and throughout my day.

I send Reiki to this crystal all the time and it has been with me to many Reiki classes and other energy healing training over the last 8 years. In fact, this crystal is a Reiki Master and connected to the Reiki energy. I have given it a Usui/ Holy Fire III Reiki First Degree though Master Placements just to name a few.

These crystals never get energetically dirty and so I don’t have to clean it with sage or salt like all the other crystals. Since it doesn’t spoil, I can relax and know that only good food flows through this crystal to me and my Reiki clients. This crystal also never gets depleted of energy and so I don’t have to charge it in the sun or moon. In fact, I can have back-to-back clients all day long and I will never deplete this crystal of energy. Part of the secret recipe (patent) is that this crystal has a rare earth magnetic drive system that keeps it fresh and charged for me and my clients.

So, when you see this crystal know that it is the very best. In fact, another nickname is the King of Energy Pendants but officially its name is the ARC STAR (Acoustic Resonance Crystal) (Star is for the Star of David shape that it is cut into) Energy Pendant.  This crystal was made custom for me by the inventor and crystal artist who cut and shaped the pendant. Everything is done by hand including cutting and shaping the crystal into the star of David shape. Polishing it, hand drilling the hole. Placing the healing ingredients inside in a proprietary magical formula way and sealing it with 24k gold on both the male and female side.   In fact, the ingredients are in some ways metaphysically made and I’m told that sometimes the formulations ingredients are intuitively selected and combined way. The space, the intention, breath and prayers are some of the things that go into the making on this magical crystal.

I have many ARC STAR pendants that I wear in my daily life beyond the Superman Pendant. Each has a special recipe or purpose, a different computer chip for my body/ aura. So, when you get an energy healing session from me, be rest assured that you are getting the absolute very best energetic food that you can’t find anywhere else.

If you are interested in purchasing one of these amazing energy crystals, give us a call at 773-231-0007. They are special ordered and built specifically for you. The prices range from $800 to $1000. Next time  you come for an appointment, ask to see mine!