The power of three Reiki Healing Sessions

Have you ever tried to wash dirty dishes, pots and pans, or the oven and the stains just didn’t seem to come out?  No matter how hard you tried to get those dishes clean, you have stains that just would not go away. Of course, you could just give up and settle for the parts of the dishes or oven that are clean and be happy with what you have. This will work for a short time, but eventually you will have a big problem.

Stains stick to one another and over time you could have multiple layers of stains that are almost impossible to remove. Consider your oven as an example. If you have too much burnt food or grease, you could get a lot of smoke and even a fire. You can’t ignore large amounts of smoke coming from your oven as it will eventually fill your entire house with smoke. And if grease catches on fire, you could have a very serious problem for you and your house.

When you come for an energy healing session, the Reiki works to clean your energy and promote its flow within and around your body. One of the ways it does this is by breaking up stuck energy into smaller pieces and melting it away. If your energy is mostly clear, then this will be an easy process and you will have a wonderful Reiki healing experience. However, if your energy has a lot of layers of blocks, then you won’t get the full benefits at just one visit.

The first session is very powerful and works to break up and melt that stuck and bad energy that may have been accumulating for many years.

Our combo and couples’ session are a great way to start your three sessions. It’s got the power and potency to remove those stains with the combination of our color therapy and hundreds of different quartz crystals and other healing energies. Our Reiki Master can provide more powerful healing energies when he knows you’re coming back in a few days.

How powerful and strong can your session be? 

The energy can be strong enough for you to be vibrating and buzzing like you never imagined. It can get so strong enough to be felt all the way across the room. I usually don’t make a session this strong because it may not be as relaxing as a lower potency. Just think of your first session as a very intense energetic block remover or workout.   You may go through a detox as rapid amounts of stuck energy are cleared from your chakras, aura, and body.

The second session can be done within a day or two.

The second session is based upon your last session. Billy will briefly talk to you about your last session and provide the best session for you. If you still have a lot of blocks, then another intense session can be done if you are able to handle it. Everyone is different and sometimes our current situation took many years or even decades to happen. What’s most important is your ability to choose. While I like an intense session as it provides the strongest and fastest results, that may not be what you want. Maybe you want a session that may not be as potent but much more relaxing. This is why we talk a little before the second session. Some of my clients like the energy super potent, while other clients like a more calming session. So, in simple terms the second session is more fine tuning.

Your third session should be done a few days after your second session but not longer than a week.

Your third session is about using that momentum of healing energies and fine tuning even more. You may have a specific part of your energy or body that has been compensating or working harder then it should. Your third session is about targeting specific parts of your energy that have been revealed from the previous sessions.

Consider booking three sessions. it like an energetic workout. If you’re in bad shape, then it’s going to take more then one session to get you in better shape. A three pack should last one or two weeks. Even elite athletes’ workout more than a week or two. In most cases it’s a lifestyle choice and they workout for many months, years, and in some cases decades.

As a Reiki Master, I am constantly working on my energy and give myself Reiki every day. My energy is constantly evolving, and I progress everyday with it by constantly doing work on myself. In fact, most Reiki Masters continue to give them selves Reiki on a daily basis to keep their energy clear.