Six reasons people take a Reiki Class

The first reason is to reduce stress, tension, and anxiety in daily life.

These people are usually looking for a solution and realize that its going to be a journey.  That means that it’s going to be something they commit to daily, like a healthy diet or exercise program.

Sometimes these people realize that they like to get a Reiki session but find that they are not financially able to get a session as much as they would like.  In this case they invest in themselves and give themselves reiki between sessions with someone like me.

For those students that have taken a class with me, I give them the opportunity to get a Reiki boost that is not available to non-student clients.  This is a very strong dose of Reiki called a Reiki Placement or Reiki attunement in other styles of Reiki.

Of course, you are not obligated to get sessions from someone else and may decide to just give yourself Reiki and save your money for something else such as an Upgraded Reiki class.  For my personal students this Upgrade in Reiki would be a Reiki Master class (3 days) or an ICRT Animal Reiki 1 and 2 Class (2 Days).

The second reason is to help with your meditation.

For those that meditate, Reiki can be a great benefit as it helps to clear your mind and negative emotions.  Beyond relieving stress and tension, Reiki can help you get ride of those Racing thoughts when meditating. Taking a Reiki one and two class will give you the ability to give your self mental and emotional Reiki to calm and balance your brain and emotions.

The third reason is to improve their yoga practice.

Reiki helps to promote the flow of vital life force energy.  It can clear stuck energy and emotions in your body and aura and help you in your yoga practice.

The fourth answer is related to sports activities.

Reiki is for active individuals and can improve your performance and recovery.  If you’re looking for something extra, then this is a great option for you.  Reiki can relieve tension and soreness in the body to improve recovery from sports and an active lifestyle.

The fifth reason is because a loved one needs care.

Sometimes family members are in difficult situations and need all help they can get.  Taking a Reiki class will give you’re the ability to give Reiki in person or at a distance.  There are many situations such as an elderly parent, mobility issues, and medical issues.  If you have a loved one in hospice, Reiki can help the transition and provide relief for your loved one and family.

The sixth reason is that Reiki is a great option for anyone giving a massage.

The Reiki energy can be given at the same.  The Reiki healing energy will go through your hands and help to assist clients to relax and destress.  Your hands will be slightly warm as the healing energy passes through them.  Reiki can also be given separately as an added service during a massage or a separate service all together.  Many Reiki masters continue learning other healing modalities long after the Reiki class and some even become yoga instructors.   Reiki is an easy to learn energy healing modality that can be added to your healing toolbox.

A Reiki class will not only provide you with the information and tools to give Reiki but also an upgrade of you and your healing abilities.  Take a look at our website and read a few articles so that you are familiar with what Reiki is and what it can do for you.  I would suggest that you take a Reiki session before taking a class.

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