Animal Reiki Preparations

Before your appointment

After you book a session, Billy will confirm your appointment with a text and or email.  A link will be sent to you for our Virtual Zoom Call.  You can choose to have your virtual zoom call on any device that has an internet connection and camera so that we can see and hear each other.

Cell Phone:
This is our most popular option for Animal Reiki sessions.  Make sure that your smart phone is fully charged and the camera and screen clean.  We want to see you as clear as possible and vise versa.  If you can, get a stand or cell phone holder so that Billy the Reiki Master can see your pet, you, and some of the room.  Holding a phone is not the best option as we want you to relax and enjoy the healing energy too.

Lap Top/Tablet/Home Computer:
This is the next best option. All you need is an internet connection and camera.  Make sure that our Reiki Master can see your pet, you, and part of the room. Place these at the proper height and distance.

Check the link and if necessary, download the zoom app to your computer and or phone.  Perform any updates to the app or your devise.    Make sure your battery is charged and if it’s a home computer that your power connection and wiring are secure.

Your pet may be sensitive to your emotions and energy, so its important for you to be ready first.  Get the room and everything else ready the night prior to your session.

The day of your Animal Reiki session

Prepare the animal for the session.  This includes going to the bathroom, eating, taking them for a walk etc. We want the animal to get these things out of the way so that they are not a distraction.

Remove all distractions such as persons coming and going in and out of the room.  Notify other persons in the house to what is going on so that they can help you maintain a space of healing.  Television is off, close the windows if your inside to prevent outside noises if your pets are sensitive.  If your animals are sensitive to persons or other animals passing by, close the blinds.  Put your phones on silent during the session which includes the ringer and any other sounds such as text messages coming in.  In some occasions, your animals may be more relaxed with certain types of music.  If your animals have some relaxing music that calms them, that’s ok, but don’t put anything on that’s going to get them energized, barking, or running.

Log on a few minutes early so that you are aware of any issues and are able to adjust before the session starts.

Once your ready, click the zoom link and make sure your picture and volume are on.  Billy will talk briefly to you and ask the animal for permission to begin the session.

What does a human do during an animal Reiki session?

Maintain the zoom call.  This includes something to hold the phone up so that we can see and hear each other during our virtual session.

Allow the animal to move around.  Your pet may bark, move around, cough.  Your pet may also zoom around the room as the Animal Reiki is clearing energy within and around your pet.

Your pet is an equal in this session and they should have free will to start, stop, and end the session.  An energetic Circle will be created within which healing energies will be sent.  This circle can be adjusted by the Reiki Master but in general terms, you and your pet will receive healing energies when you are inside the circle.  The circle can also be the room.  What’s important is that your pet be free to not only move around but also to go in and out of the healing circle.   The human will be inside the circle and also receive the Animal Reiki energy.   Keep still and enjoy the energy.

More information about Animal Reiki can be found right here.