Animal Reiki Q and A

What can Animal Reiki do for me?

In simple terms, Animal Reiki can improve the quality of life for your pets, you, and the planet.

How does Animal Reiki actually work?

Your session will be done in the comfort of your home or anywhere that’s best for you and your animal companion. Animal Reiki is done virtually on your home computer, laptop, or cell phone through an app called Zoom.  During your session with Billy, the Animal Reiki energy will be sent into the space that surrounds your pet and you.

The Reiki healing energies are coming through the screen as we see each other.

Your pet’s consent to an Animal Reiki session is the first thing to consider.   At the start of the session, I will ask your pet for permission to begin.  This is very simple and is just me verbally speaking to your pet.  During this time, I look for signs of consent such as facing me, attentiveness, walking toward the screen.  I will then create an energetic healing circle around you and your pet from which the healing energies will be sent and remain.  This is important for you pet to determine how much healing energy they need.  During our session, your pet is free to roam around, inside the circle or out.  Give them freedom to roam and enjoy the energy and express themselves in a way that’s best for them.  Deep healing can happen and your pet may zoom around the room, burp, yawn, or just fall asleep.

Reiki can also be sent your pets food, medication, clothes, and bedding.  Just bring these items into the circle or point your phone / computer toward them for me to see and send Reiki.

What is this Reiki energy for animals?

Pandoras petsPeople have been sending Reiki to all species of Animals and life on this planet for a very long time both in person and through distance.  Billy the Reiki Master uses a very special type of Reiki, that is a new frequency of Reiki healing energy for animals and the planet in this time.  This new Reiki energy is called ICRT Animal Reiki and it is both potent and powerful.  This energy is a divine earth energy that intuitively guided by its source to provide deep healing.  This energy is blended with our Reiki Masters Holy Fire® World Peace and Karuna Reiki® for a very unique healing frequency.  During your session, Billy will hold space for you and send healing energies from the Divine Animal Kingdom, Tree of Life, and more.

ICRT Animal Reiki can release energetic blocks within and around your pet to improve the flow of its vital life force energy (Ki, Prana, Chi).  When your pet’s energy is flowing freely, healing energies can naturally go to where they are needed both during and after a session.

Reiki helps to remove bad energy by melting it with heat, breaking it up into smaller pieces, kicking it out of the body, or changing it into good energy.  When this unhealthy, low vibration and stagnant energy is removed, it makes way to for newer healthy energy to take its place.

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