Improve Your Energy with Reiki Spring Cleaning

Spring is a great time to take out the old, and make room for the new. With Reiki Spring cleaning, this can be done fast.

Your Energy

Your life force energy (Ki, Prana, Chi) is flowing within you and around you at all times. When your life force healthy and flowing freely you look, feel, and function at your best.  Our consciousness controls the quality and quantity of this energy within and around our body.  In general terms, healthy thoughts produce good energy and promote the flow of energy.  Unhealthy thoughts produce bad energy that reduces or prevents the flow of energy within and around you.

Getting results fast with Reiki 

Reiki done on your subconscious mind is a solid foundation to spring cleaning your energy.  Your subconscious mind is a master key to your thoughts and ultimately the quality and quantity of your energy.

Here are a few Reiki options to Spring Clean your energy:

 Your Subconscious Mind

In the Holy Fire® system of Reiki, there is an energy that works very deep within your subconscious mind.  This energy provides deep healing and gives you the exact type of energy that YOU need to move forward on your spiritual path.  This type of healing is done by a Holy Fire® Reiki Master and is called the Holy Love 4 Experience.  This experience is 15-25 minutes but can go longer if needed.  Reiki can also be sent to your subconscious mind directly by a Reiki Master in person or at a distance.

There are many types of Reiki energies that can be used.  Some of these include, Reiki as the Element of Fire, Holy Fire® Reiki, and World Peace Reiki.  Reiki energy can also be connected between two points in time through a Reiki Laser.  This is an advanced technique that can send reiki to your subconscious mind from any point in time in the past up to the future.  Example:  Sending World Peace Reiki to your subconscious mind as a Reiki Laser from the point of birth, moving forward in time to present.

Chakras and Meridians

Reiki energy can be sent to clear the chakras and meridians of bad and stuck energy through the hands, eyes, breath, and consciousness of the Reiki Master.   Reiki can be sent as a color, such as Reiki of the color Blue to your throat charka.  It can also be sent Reiki as the element of water such as Reiki of the Atlantic Ocean, which is very cleansing and purifying.

Your Aura

Your aura is the energy field that surrounds your entire body.  It’s a protective energy field that protects you when your awake and when you’re asleep.  When you have positive, loving thoughts this field is stronger and it provides a barrior between you and your surroundings.

When you have negative thoughts, are around negative people or environments, this field gets weak and opens you up the energies around you.  This can make you dizzy or agitated in large crowds.  It can also make your energy like a roller coaster as you are influenced by the energy around you.  Reiki can be sent to each layer of your aura individually or all at once.

 A Standard Reiki session is a great way to Spring clean your energy. 

Reiki helps to remove bad energy by melting it with heat, breaking it up into smaller pieces, kicking it out of the body, or changing it into good energy.  When this unhealthy, low vibration and stagnant energy is removed, it makes way to for newer healthy energy to take its place.