What to expect after your session with Billy the Reiki Master

Your visit to Lakeview Healing Oasis can be like going to the exercise gym. While it is possible to get great results with ONE visit, more visits will produce even better results.  Healing is a journey and may take weeks, months, and sometimes years. We will be here to collaborate with you, however long your journey is.  Here are some experiences to expect after your session.

Feeling relaxed and stress free

This is the most common thing to expect after your healing session.  Most clients feel very relaxed and calm.  This calm feeling can last a few days or more.

Feeling energized

Some clients will feel very energized and alert after the session.  This has to with the pristine and potent healing energy.  Some healing energies are very energizing and help to promote the flow of life force energy within and around your body.  Your session can be adjusted to be more energizing, just let us know.

Buzzing and tingling

It is possible to still be buzzing and tingling hours after your session. The healing energy will continue to work and sometimes this can be felt strong.

Feeling Lighter

Our Reiki and Combo sessions can have a detox effect in your body and aura. Part of this detox is removing bad energy that is weighing you down.

Extreme alertness and energy in the head area

This can happen in a Reiki session but is most likely in our Combo and Couples session. Our Color Therapy systems use over 50 different crystals in each 5th, 6th, and 7th chakras.  It a very pure and powerful energy that ignites the healing energy in your head.

Enhanced creativity

Clearer thinking and enhanced creativity is possible when we remove stuck energy in and around your head.  This can be accomplished with Reiki, crystals, and tuning forks.  When this sluggish energy is removed, you will be more open to higher vibrational energy and enhanced creativity.  A session can be tailored to focus more on the head area, removing the energy that is holding your creativity and brain power in a fog.

Clear and balanced Chakras

The chakras can be cleared and balanced with Reiki, crystals, and specific tuning forks.  Our combo and couples’ sessions are a great way to do this.  Each chakra is cleared and balanced with specific colors of light, crystals, and 24k gold, and more.  When your chakras are cleared and balanced, you feel better and have improved energy.

Exhausted / Exhaustion

Some clients will experience extreme exhaustion immediately after the session or during the next few days.  This exhaustion can also be called a healing crisis.  Your healing session may release emotional toxins, physical toxins, energetic toxins, and yes even spiritual toxins. You may feel horrible, but don’t worry as it gets better.

What actions to take after your session

Drink Water

You’re going to be thirsty after your session so drink water.  I will have some bottled water for you to drink and take with you.  During the next few days, make sure that you continue to drink plenty of water.  Staying hydrated will help your body heal and detox on many levels.

Eat Food

I always recommend that you eat a light meal after your session.  What you eat, is up to you.  Food will help to ground down the energy and prevent you from feeling spacey.


Some people get better results by sleeping after a healing session. We also have late night sessions to make this easier for you.  Some clients have vivid dreams after a session.

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