Everyday people like you and me

Have you seen our tagline? “Enlightening everyday people.” What’s that all about? 

people walkingFor many decades, I worked in the service industry in Chicago. I usually worked in the evening, on the weekends, and during the holiday season. My career in the service industry began in my early 20’s as a valet parker in some the top nightclubs, events, and restaurants in Chicago. As a young adult, it was exciting to be at all these cool places and parties.  Sometimes these events were very exclusive and I would just walk past the long line, past the bouncers and into the place as I worked there.  Friends would ask for a hook up and sometimes I was able to get them inside to a place that they could never get into.

In the early days (mid 90’s), I had less responsibilities and so going to some of these places on my days off was no problem.  As time went on, I got promoted and was now managing the valet parkers in the company, driving around in my car to all these cool places.  Fast forward in time a decade later and I was now the big boss, with an office, sitting at my desk crunching numbers and doing paperwork.  But this wasn’t exactly what I had expected.  I was the big boss to the frontline workers, but in a big company, I was just a mini boss with many layers of executives above me.  By this time, I had personally worked at over 100 of the top places in Chicago.  Many nightclubs, special events, restaurants, and hotels in downtown Chicago.  I was stressed out and burned out, looking for solutions.  After much soul searching, I decided to leave my job and begin my new career.

I had been hearing about Reiki for many years as a way to reduce stress and increase relaxation.  One day, I decided to look up Reiki online and eventually found a class a few miles from my house. Taking my first Reiki class was very transformational for me and eventually I became a Reiki Master and wanted to do this full time.   I wanted to be my own boss and began to think of ways to make money doing Reiki.

What type of people did I want to help?   After much thought, the answer came to me.  I want to help everyday people like me.  People who need help with relaxation and maybe don’t have any workable solutions. Maybe they are too busy with work, with kids, with school.  My solutions are flexible to people’s busy schedules as I work late into the night with Late Night Reiki.  I don’t require a lot of talking and you don’t have to tell me your problems.  All you have to do is make an appointment and show up.  You can even fall asleep during your session.  My sessions are designed to reduce stress, increase relaxation, and enlighten everyday people.

Everyday people, like you and me.