How do crystals work?

crystalA college student from Wisconsin asked me some questions about crystal healing. One question was: Are there crystals that you are drawn to use for certain issues people come to you with or is it customizable for each client? 

Some crystals are universal in what they can do. Smokey quartz and black tourmaline are great for grounding if someone is spacey and disoriented.

A lot of time the crystals that I use are chosen based on the shape of my clients body and the clothing that they wear.  So yes, it is customizable for each clients.  Sometime a client will have a funny shaped hill type forehead and so you can’t place anything on it as it will fall off  and possible land on an eye.  Other times it’s the amount of body fat and how they lay down on the pillow.  Large bellies can also cause crystals to roll off.

You always have to be concerned with client safety and larger crystals are also heavier and more dangerous. The crystal choice and placement also has a lot to do with the gender of the client. As a man I don’t place any crystals on the heart chakra/ center chest of women.  Also crystals in and around the groin area can be problematic so I avoid this area also.

Another question was: What does a typical crystal healing session with you look like?

A typical crystal healing session for me is not a typical session for another practitioner.  I don’t really use regular crystals and place them in complicated patterns on and around the body. The crystals that I use are unique, patented, always energetically clean, and always charged and ready to use.

This is a big difference as regular crystals can indiscriminately store energy and transmit it from client to client. This means bad vibes and energy can be going from one client to the next if you don’t clear your crystals properly.  Also crystals get depleted of energy after being used and need to be charged again.

The patented crystals that I use are ARC VOGEL Crystals® and each made for a specific purpose. So each crystal will vibrate with the frequency of the combined ingredients inside them.  They vibrate as one frequency that is unique.

So a typical crystal will have 20+ different crystals inside and can include such things as Lavender, vitamins, and other special things.  I have crystals that spin energy both directions, crystal wands that focus crystal and healing energies such as reiki.

reiki at Lakeview Healing OasisMy main crystal sessions can be done with or without Reiki.  I have a patented Gem Light Therapy® crystal light system that provides a no touch crystal healing to all 7 chakras. This crystal healing involves hundreds of crystals whose energy is pulsed into the aura, chakras, and body.  I control the intensity of the energy and the fluctuation of the crystal energies with a control box that controls the lights. 

During this time, I am watching the client breathing and making adjustments as needed.  Some of these adjustments will include placing extra crystals on the clients.  If I am doing a crystal session with Reiki, then I can also work on a teddy bear that is energetically linked to the person and perform an energy scan of the body and aura in real time.

What happens when the client first comes in? 

Clients come in and fill out a customer intake form.  During that time and after I am talking to them about why they are coming in. This takes around 5-minutes.  I quickly explain the crystal session and what some people feel and experience.  The client then lays fully clothed on a massage table and I do a quick energy scan.  This is a Reiki technique to see if there is any obvious imbalance in the body or aura.

After that I put my crystal lights over the body and chakras and turn the lights on.  During this time I am saying prayers, working distantly on a teddy bear if Reiki is included in the session.  I will place different crystals on the body if appropriate.