Do we recycle?

Does Lakeview Healing Oasis Recycle?

Yes, but our recycling does not begin at the recycling bin but rather in the ordering of the nontoxic products that we use for the Oasis.  Our products are concentrated and come in smaller bottles thus reducing the amount of plastic.  We don’t believe in shipping watered down cleaning products in larger bottles as its bad for the environment. Our laundry detergent is 9X concentrate and comes in the smallest 32 fl oz bottle for 96 loads of laundry.  This is what we wash our pillow cases, sheets, and blankets in.  Its also what we wash all of the Reiki Masters clothes in.  We use exceptional products, that are good for you and the environment.  Beyond the issue of less plastic, we are also not putting a burden on the planet by polluting it with toxic chemicals.  All of our other products used for cleaning are concentrated, natural, nontoxic and good for you and the planet.  This also includes shampoo and other personal care products that the Reiki Master uses.

bird with wrapper in mouthWe order our products factory direct which means less gas and pollution for the planet as the products are not being shipped all around the world to get to us. Think about all the pollution that gets created when you buy products that are shipped to a distribution center, shipped to a store, and then to your house.

Our recycle bin is in back of the building.  Some of the things that we recycle include:

  • Plastic water bottles (due to Covid, we no longer have open water and drinking glasses)
  • Empty Glass CBD bottles
  • Empty tissue boxes
  • Empty bottles from our natural cleaning products

We’re so grateful the online store we shop at has not raised prices in YEARS! We get our household goods, that have always worked better than the store brand ones, WITHOUT CHEMICALS! During this pandemic our online store did not run out of the EPA registered disinfectant we use – again without all the added chemicals. Nor did we run out of hand sanitizer or any other household, personal, use products. If you want more info, just email