Can I bring someone with me to my Reiki treatment?

Can I bring a friend or relative into the session with me?

As a general rule I encourage clients to have friends and family wait outside during a session.  This is because a person inside the room can be a distraction and prevent the client from relaxing or having an emotional release.  Other times the person that they arrive with are the cause of the stress and the reason that they are here.  Talking with a client can be very personal and sometimes they want to say things that they don’t want others to hear.  This can be very difficult if you have another person in the room watching and listening to everything that your saying.  Also, some people are sensitive to the energy of lurking eyes and this may prevent you from relaxing.  Have you ever had the feeling that you are being watched only to turn around and discover someone staring at you? Noise is another issue with having a person in the room which includes unexpected phone calls and the tapping of fingers texting.

On rare occasions I have had other people in the room for the following reasons:

  1. Sometimes through cultural differences a spouse may feel uncomfortable getting a session alone.
  2. If the client is a young child or teenager the parent or guardian may want to be present.
  3. The other person in the room is also getting a treatment at the same time. This would be for a couple’s session and can include friends.  An example of this would be our Reiki and Gem Light Therapy Combo session where we have 2 tables in the room.

We do our best to make sure that those who come with you are comfortable in our waiting area such as providing water and reading materials.  We also have a Starbucks and many restaurants and shops just around the corner.  Some people don’t want to wait and instead choose to go outside and come back when the session is over.