Does a Reiki Master get treatment from other healers?

As a Reiki Master, I can give myself a Reiki treatment in many different ways.  Some of these ways include a Reiki Crystal Grid, sending Distant Reiki to myself, or a basic hands on approach which involves sending Reiki to various parts of my body and aura. With a hands-on approach it can be like giving yourself a massage in that you can not let go and relax.  How many of you have tried to give yourself a massage and noticed that its just not the same as getting it from someone else?

Being a Reiki Master involves a balance between giving Reiki treatments and receiving Reiki treatment.  This helps support the Reiki community and also gives you a different perspective on what your clients are experiencing.  This is the same with people who cook for a living in that sometimes you just want to experience another person’s cooking and restaurant.  While a chef or cook may specialize in Italian food for example, they may not always want to eat it.  The same can be said of healers which include Reiki Masters.  As healers we like to get treatments from other healers and different healing modalities.  This helps the community by providing a balance and supporting one another.  Some of the healing modalities that I like are acupuncture and massage for example.

Here are a few examples of how healers can get treatments from other healers.

Set up an appointment with a Reiki practitioner or other healing modality and pay full price.  You many choose to not disclose that you are also a healer or just decide that you want to be a client and relax. Being anonymous can provide insightful marketing research in that you can see how other healers interact with a new client.  This also gives you the ability to decide if you want to incorporate anything new in your practice or learn another modality.  Many healers do multiple modalities or incorporate the best parts into a signature program such as Reiki Gem Lights at the Oasis.

Energy exchanges are a great way to exchange services without money exchanging hands. This can be done on the same day or different days.  Basically, the formula for this is that you give a treatment and also get a treatment in return.

Team up with another practitioner and set up appointments with each other at a regular or discounted price. Sessions can be done on the same day one after another or on different day.  When you pay a fee, this respects the other practitioners time and when there is balance the money will eventually circulate back to you.  Paying for your session will also metaphysically attract other people to pay you for a session.