Why have we added Drink Drops to our product choices?

A common theme among customers is that they want some type of program to follow after a session.

While the best program to follow would be more frequent sessions, this is not always possible.  They want to know if there is something they should do on a daily basis.  Maybe they are expecting some complicated food plan of what to eat or maybe it’s something else.  While I could always give them suggestions and stuff to read, this doesn’t always help and can get confusing for most.

Tourmaline Spring Water

One day I got a Facebook message from a man called Seth. I discovered that Seth was the founder and owner of Tourmaline Spring, the best bottled water on earth.  This water has many awards and it’s so pure that it doesn’t need to be filtered.    So, I ordered some water and was very impressed with it.  I’m sensitive to energy and noticed how good I was feeling.  When you hold this water, you can feel the energy of it in your hand and when I drank it, I could feel its presence and as it went down my throat. Originally, I was going to give clients a package of high quality water bottles to take home and take between sessions.  Everyone is drinking bottled water, so having the best seemed like an amazing addition my healing services.

Shipping was the hold up.  One of the biggest factors when buying water is the shipping cost as water is very heavy.  Without a local distributor I would’ve had the water shipped from Maine which increased the price considerably.  I could get around the shipping cost by purchasing a palate of cases of water at a discount but where would I store all that water.  The Oasis was not a place to stack cases of water.  Back to square one.

Lkeview Healing OasisDrink Drops, the best of both worlds

One day I discovered that Seth had a line on water soluble Cannabidiol that was suspended in Tourmaline Spring water. I read about it and it was like no other Cannabidiol on the marked.  It was more that just Cannabidiol in that it was a whole plant extract with over 200 compounds, amino acids, terpenes, and many other good things.  Best part was that it was suspended in Seth’s magic water like an elixir.  The shipping was much cheaper and using a water soluble product was easy for everyone.  I contacted Seth immediately and ordered a bottle.


Here comes the Cannabidiol- This is the most amazing product! As soon as I took it, I could feel its potency of calm and relax. Much better than some of the other products I had tried before. I contacted Seth after finishing my bottle and placed an order for more.  We are so excited to have such a high-quality product to give to customers before a healing session. We are currently the exclusive distributors for Seth’s company – Drink Drops in Chicago. This is a great product that everyone can feel.

More about Seth:

He saw my Gem Light Therapy system and customer testimonials on social media and wanted to talk about it. Seth was thinking about getting a system and wanted my opinion and experience with it.  We talked for an hour over the phone and he was very appreciative for my insight.  Seth already had a ARC STAR Energy Pendant like me and wanted to take the next step and get the Gem Light Therapy system from the same company.  Seth eventually purchased a Gem Light Therapy system based on my recommendation and loves it to this day!  His is for personal and he uses it all the time