What is the Combo Session?

Have you ever wanted to do something that you’ve never done before?  Something amazing, something unique, something exciting, and something that you always wanted to do.  Maybe you have thought about this all your life.  Maybe, you don’t know what this something is, but you have a feeling that when it presents itself, you will know.  This is what you’ll discover in our combo session. Not just Reiki, but also Gem Light Therapy. 

It’s an ancient way of doing something that was rediscovered and perfected for this time on earth.  Something so amazing and transformative for you that it’s almost unbelievable. Something that’s been around for a long time but for some reason, has remained elusive.  This something, gem light therapy, is very real and was officially awarded a US UTILITY PATENT on 8-8-2017.

The Combo Session is our signature healing modality at Lakeview Healing Oasis. The combination of Reiki and also Gem Light Therapy. It’s a powerful way to heal and balance you from soul to sole. Clear out of your life that which is holding you back.  Dig deep within your aura, chakras, body, and subconscious and liberate yourself.  Go on the offense and liberate yourself from all that holds you back.  This is a journey that begins with a decision.   Why not you?  Why not now?   

Click the link to begin your journey with The Combo Session.