What should you wear for your Reiki/Gem Lights session?

One question that never gets asked but is very important is:

What should I wear for my session?

Loose fitting clothes that you are comfortable in is best.  Natural fabrics are preferred.  Some clothing that we want to avoid are:

No Metal Zippers

Metal zippers tend to block the chakras and can hinder the energy flow of the chakra and reiki.  Metal zippers can be like a large metal border wall that tries to prevent energy from crossing.  The most basic reason why someone would wear a metal zipper is because they are cold and the zipper is a part of this warm clothing.  If this is the case, we have a blanket and space heater with a fan that can be blown on the feet or body.

No Excessive jewelry

Excessive jewelry can cover parts of the body and make it difficult for me to work on you. This includes large earrings and bulky jewelry. If you wish, you can take your jewelry off when you get here.

No Silk ties and/or silk clothing

Silk ties block the chakras and can always be taken off if you’re arriving from work.  Also, silk tends to absorb the reiki energy.

Heavy clothes, shoes and belt

Heavy clothing such as winter wear of thick leather jackets during the session. It makes the process difficult if you keep this clothing on.

You will be asked to take your shoes off. You will want to loosen your belt, so you’re not having problems with breathing.