How should I get ready for my Reiki/Gem Light Session?

What should I do before my session at the Oasis?

Being well hydrated can be of great benefit for a healing session.  This is done by drinking plenty of water for several days before your session.  It may take a few days if you regularly don’t drink enough water.  Drinking water before your session is great but it needs to be done several days in a row before for best results.  Drinking water before your session helps your body to quickly remove toxins. Don’t worry we have a bathroom around the corner and if you need to go during the session just let me know!  

Be sure to have a bite to eat one to two hours before, but don’t overeat. When you do eat, your body directs energy to your gut to aid in digestion. When clients don’t eat enough food, it can sometimes be like having a strong coffee on an empty stomach. You also want to be comfortable and not have your stomach growling.

Make sure that you avoid any violent television, music, or situations so that you are receptive to the healing energy.  Its also a good option to avoid too much caffeine such as pop or coffee as to avoid a caffeine crash just before your session.