Questions for the Reiki Master

Do you have a question for me? 

People ask me questions all the time.  Sometimes these questions are simple and sometimes they are more complex.  Depending on the circumstances, I may answer your questions differently.

Here are a few tips for asking me a question:

New clients

The best way to ask me a question is when you have a session with me.

This is because you are present with me inside the Oasis or virtually through your computer or cellphone. During this time, we are in a safe space and so it’s ok to ask your questions with me in private. I’ll do my best to answer your questions but at some point, we have to begin and or end our session.

Existing clients

Sometimes I have clients who have been coming to see me for a very long time and so we will talk more before or after our Reiki session depending on my availability.  This has a lot to do with the relationship that I have with repeat clients and so I am more flexible with them.

I have a select few clients who contact us direct, and they usually send a text to Erin who books my Reiki clients.  In most cases this will be about my availability for a session late at night.  How late? Sometimes past 10pm!

Reiki Students

For clients who have taken a Reiki class with me, I will be more detailed in my answers.  Being a Reiki teacher to my students is an honor and I will do my best to answer my students’ questions.  Answering questions is not a Reiki class and so I will answer questions based on the level of training you have had with me.  My Reiki students have my personal cell phone and just send me a text message.

Social Media

Instagram and Facebook, and TikTok are also a great way for you to ask me a question.

When you like my page / social media post I notice you.  It also helps if you comment on a post or two so that I know who you are.  My team and I are watching for these things, so you can be assured that we notice who is engaging with us on social media.  If you’re ok with asking a question related to a post in a public setting, then ask away.  If you want to send me a private message on Instagram or Facebook, it helps if you are following my page @lakeviewhealingoasis.  I respond significantly faster to people who engage with our pages on social media.  The best way to contact Reiki Master on social media is Instagram.


You can always ask your question in email form. If you contact us through email, it is received by our team and is answered or forwarded to me.


The Oasis has scheduled on demand appointments.  We don’t have a secretary or phone that rings inside our studio.  The general phone number rings directly to our voicemail.  When you leave a message, we get a voicemail and text copy in our email and the team or Reiki Master will answer your questions.

Front Door Intercom

This is not a good way to contact me with a question.  The intercom system rings directly to my personal cell phone, and I only have around 40 seconds before the system disconnects us.  I can’t call you back and for this reason I am reluctant to answer questions through this method as I don’t want to appear rude when the system automatically hangs up on you.  If I am in a Reiki session, then my phone is on do not disturb and the phone will go directly to my cell phone voicemail.  Please be aware that our intercom system is just to answer the door and let someone in.

My Reiki and Color Therapy work is energetic in nature and so I don’t do talk therapy, counseling, or psychic work.  If this is something you’re looking for then I have just the right person for you to speak with.

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