Does Reiki Master Billy take vitamins and nutritional supplements?

The answer is YES.

I have taken many supplements over the years, looking for the one that actually works for my health. While I believe that we should all eat healthy it’s not always possible.  This is one of the reasons that I take nutritional supplements. I consider them food just like the stuff we eat every day.  Here are some of the things I take:

Shakes peaches in my shake

The shake I take can be mixed in water. That’s great for me, as I don’t get along with milk.  It’s not like cake batter either. I don’t add any raw eggs, ice cream, peanut butter, or any of that kind of stuff.  I take it right out of the bag and put it in my shaker cup with a few ice cubes and shake it. My shakes are not meal replacements, but I take them between meals, and before and after working out.  I have a shake to help balance my blood sugar and a shake that burns fat as fuel instead of carbohydrates.  I also have a protein shake that’s 30 grams of digestible protein that is very light.  My favorite shake flavors are Peach Cobbler, and Blueberry. They come in other flavors as well, like vanilla and chocolate. The company I use has a easy to follow system based on your needs. You can simply use their online calculator!

Hydration and Electrolytes

I take a product that has 6 different electrolytes and is much better than the other brands on the market. I use it when I’m at the gym or driving in my car.  My favorite flavor is lemon.

Vitamins and specialty products

I take something for everything from my heart and blood pressure, eyes, to vitamin and minerals.  I’m not in a health food store and I don’t have a bunch of bottles of vitamins all over my house. My supplements come in a packet for the morning and one for the evening.    This takes the guess work out and reading all those funny labels.

I consider vitamins and supplements just like food at a restaurant.  Sometimes you can have the exact same food, but it is very different from restaurant to restaurant and chef to chef.  Ingredients are important but it’s also the quality and quantity as well.  Do you like organic or is pesticides in your food ok?  You also must consider the recipe, and how this food is made.  Some chefs have worked very hard to perfect their food and the recipe is a secret.  Imagine if you baked two cakes with the same quality and quantity of ingredients.  Cake one is made as per the instructions in the recipe.  Cake two has the frosting mixed into the batter before the cake is baked and after it is baked, the eggs are cracked and put on top.  Therefore a recipe is important as it’s how you prepare the food, and not just what’s in it.  The same is true for vitamins supplements.


Whatever your taking it must be absorbed by the body and have the ability to actually be used.  If what you are taking is not able to be used by your body, then you’re just fooling yourself.  Most vitamins and supplements have a low absorption rate of around 10% so you’re only getting a tiny amount of what you took.  The label would not tell you this as it only list ingredients.

Don’t believe the hype

As far marketing material go for supplements, I have been taken for a ride a few times.  Some supplement have the best ads and commercials.  They appear on the surface to be exceptional products but when you take them, you just can’t feel a thing. This is one of the frustrating things about supplement companies and products.

High End Products

Everything I use and have in the Oasis is top of the line.  My crystals and Gem Lights are patented and unlike anything else that is out there.  My Reiki is also top notch and very high quality and potency.  I don’t like to take things that don’t work and waste money.  The vitamins and supplements I take have many patents and cutting-edge scientific research.  The company is amazing and is not only privately held but debt free.  They don’t have to dilute the products as they have no business loans to pay back, no stockholders, no mortgages on the buildings or land.  They own the patents on the products and partner with the top scientist. I have been taking these supplements for the past 18 years and would not continue if they didn’t work.

This is not a sales pitch

If you want to know what I’m taking just send me a message or ask me in person.  I don’t sell vitamins at the Oasis, but I can tell you where I get mine and you can shop there yourself.