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Sleep improves brain functions.

Sleep is one of the best things for your health. While sleeping your brain is forming new pathways to help you learn. Lack of sleep affects your decision making, ability to solve problems, how you control emotions and risk taking behavior.

Reiki can help you sleep - book an appointment today.

I have had many clients fall asleep during a Reiki session as it is so relaxing to them. In fact, some people say that a 1-hour Reiki session is equivalent to 4 hours of sleep.  If a better night’s sleep is what you’re looking for then maybe a Late-Night Reiki session is the right choice for you.  A session can be specifically tailored to help you sleep better at night. Click here to visit our appointment page.

Sleep improves your health.

Lack of sleep affects your blood vessels and your heart. Lack of sleep affects your blood glucose, which can remain higher with lack of sleep. Diabetes can result.

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Calm and balance your emotions -

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Are you angry, sad, nervous, worried?  Is your mind racing with thoughts about life when you’re trying to sleep?  Negative emotions can cause bad dreams and make it difficult to get a good nights sleep. Maybe you don’t have negative emotions but you could also be too excited, anxious, and happy.  Over time, a lack of quality sleep will cause all types of problems for you.  Reiki is great at calming and balancing your emotions so your mind doesn’t think so much when your trying to sleep. Click here to book an appointment.

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Sleep helps growth.

When in deep sleep, your child's body releases a hormone that promotes normal growth. It also boosts muscle mass, and repairs tissues and cells (in all of us.)

Puberty and fertility are affected by lack of sleep as well.

Sleep removes stuck energy and releases tension.

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Stuck or stagnant energy in your body and aura prevent the flow of life force energy within you.  Reiki helps to dissolve that stuck energy by melting it away or breaking it into smaller pieces.  Clearing stuck energy in the chest area will help with your breathing at night.  When your energy is flowing freely, tension reduces and your mind relaxes allowing you to have a better night’s sleep. Click here to book an appointment. 

Sleep strengthens your immune system.

Bad sleep can change the way your immune system responds. You can have problems fighting common infections.

Now is the time to keep your immune system running smoothly.

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Reiki is a great solution to improve your sleep.

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Regular reiki treatments will assist not only in better sleep, but in all areas of your life. Improve your physical health, emotional health and your outlook on life. We'd be honored to have you become a client. Book your appointment today.

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Bring the joy back to sleeping.

Removing anxiety around sleep can be done, and reiki will help. Your ability to have a good nights sleep can no longer be hindered by life getting in the way. Stress, anxiety, restlessness - all of it can be addressed with a regular reiki program.

Book your appointment today, let us help create some peace in your sleeping!